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A diehard NASCAR fan from an early age, Rajah's passion for the sport has grown with him and become a part of his identity and himself.


After attending his first race in 2014 at Richmond Raceway, he knew that he wanted to become a racecar driver. That first race set Rajah on a trajectory that may change NASCAR forever.


Born in Atlanta, Georgia in a Caribbean household, Rajah spent most of his young years in Washington D.C. The student-athlete and star track runner graduated from School Without Walls High School in 2020, and moved to Concord, North Carolina in June of that year.


Now, while being a full-time racecar driver, Caruth finishing his studies as a senior at Winston-Salem State University, getting a degree in motorsports management.


Off the racetrack, Rajah is an avid sim racer on the iRacing platform, streaming and racing on some week nights. He is an avid music listener, whose favorite artists include Rod Wave and J Cole, and a huge Washington DC sports fan.

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